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What are software appliances?

If a software could wash your cloth, you wouldn’t like it if there were 10 different softwares one each for wetting, twisting, rinsing etc on 10 different computers. But that is exactly how the business solutions till recently offered solutions: a software for each piece of your business running on different platforms. As software solutions […]

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Are mobile Apps for kids?

Today’s smartphones are powerful computers. More current and prospective customers are glued to their smartphones to get their day to day work done. They do this wherever they are instead of going to good old computer at home. This is a good news for both people and businesses. It is easy now for businesses than […]

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is a new business model for doing business using advanced technology. It is not a technology choice! However, it is the technology that brings us this business model. Therefore let us understand what constitutes cloud computing technology and how it can help businesses. We saw growth in web technology and services such as emails, […]

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