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What are software appliances?


If a software could wash your cloth, you wouldn’t like it if there were 10 different softwares one each for wetting, twisting, rinsing etc on 10 different computers. But that is exactly how the business solutions till recently offered solutions: a software for each piece of your business running on different platforms. As software solutions got complex, need arose to ensure software solutions provide seamless results so that businesses need not worry about the technology or the hardware.

Imagine how life would be if all solutions your business needs run on one combination of hardware and software package customized for you by the solution provider like us. That is a software appliance. Now some even put the hardware together for you and that is called just an appliance.

The advantage of these appliances lay in their standard nature where you can ask for services from different vendors at competitive prices all the while not having to worry about different components of the appliance. That makes doing business your focus not technology.

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