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What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud is a new business model for doing business using advanced technology. It is not a technology choice! However, it is the technology that brings us this business model. Therefore let us understand what constitutes cloud computing technology and how it can help businesses.

We saw growth in web technology and services such as emails, web based payroll management and other applications. These however, could not be used only when we wanted. You had to pay them no matter when you used them. Therefore a technology where web services can be deployed (provisioned) in minutes on a customized hardware where you can pick and vary computing power you need was developed. Using this, business solutions can be put to work when business wanted on a completely customized hardware using customized software.

Using this method businesses can only pay for what they use and when they use. The data is stored on reliable remote storage that adhere to security standards accepted in the industry, keeping data safe. Thus a business model that allows us to use top cutting edge technology in a affordable way is called the cloud computing. This is a model where computing technology integrates with your original business model creating a new way to do business.

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